Medley visualizes your Evernote notebooks and lets you see how your usage has changed over time.

This application is part of research project run by Wesley Willett, Petra Isenberg, and Jean-Daniel Fekete from the Aviz information visualization group at INRIA (the French national research institute for computer science & automation) that seeks to better understand digital notetaking practices and build new tools to visually summarize and connect notes.

Once you authenticate with Evernote, our server will download information about your notes (but not their contents) and generate visualizations like the one below that show your Evernote use over time. Depending on the size of your notebooks, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to more than an hour.

Afterwards, you'll have the option to share anonymized metadata about your notebooks to help us gain a better understanding of how people use digital notetaking tools.

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